* Guns shown in the pictures may be different from the actual gun fits written under each Fobus model.

GL-26 ND

GL-26 ND

Outside The Waistband Holster for Glock 26 Gen 5 included.


Holster Mechanism

Trigger Guard Locking System


*Available also on Left-Hand


Mounting Options

(P) Paddle

(RT) Rotating Paddle

(BH ND RT) Rotating Adjustable Belt Holder

(BH ND) Adjustable Belt Holder

(EX) Thigh Rig

(KTF SR) Shoulder Rig

(MND) MOLLE Attachment

(MEX) Low-Ride Rotating Belt Holder


Matching Pouches




6900 SF


How to use

Tighten your belt. Place the holster on your hip and make sure the paddle is pushed all the way down on your belt. Draw fast and decisive, in an upwards motion as if you were in an actual critical situation. The holster offers an adjustment screw for a more accurate retention pressure and personal preference. 


Technical Information

Holster Material - mold injected Polymer formula. Passive retention with adjustment screw - The Fobus passive retention system acts like a spring on the trigger guard area and holds the gun firmly in place.



Fobus Universal IWB Holsters

Fobus takes inside the waistband holsters one step further!

Fobus IWBL, IWBM & IWBS are the next generation of inside the waistband holsters, featuring a polymer injected flexible holster backing and shell, that come in large, medium & small sizes, each able to accommodate multiple, similar-sized pistols, making them as economic as they are comfortable and concealable.