Fobus fit-specific holsters are divided to two main groups: passive retention holsters, and trigger locking holsters. For trigger locking holsters, retention is achieved by a locking mechanism and not by pressure on, or friction with the pistol; therefore, there is nothing in these holsters that may wear out the finish of your gun. For passive retention holsters, retention is achieved by pressure of the holster on the pistol's trigger guard. When holstering, your trigger guard passes a certain "bump" in the holster body, which thereafter prevents the gun from coming out of the holster unless pulled with force. The friction with this "bump" may, in some cases, wear out a finish on a very small part of the trigger guard only, and in no way influences other parts of your gun. As for scratches, since the holster is not pressing the pistol frame or slide anywhere (except as described above concerning the trigger guard), our holsters will not scratch your firearm. It is, however, highly recommended to keep your gun clean of sand or dirt that might, when holstering, get captured between the gun and holster, and might indeed cause scratches or other wear to your finish.
This question is relevant to passive retention holsters from our standard series (no retention adjustment screw) or our ND series (with retention adjustment screw).

First, please make sure the holster you have is an approved fit for your pistol (see on this page the question concerning gun fits).

If your holster is from our standard series (no retention adjustment screw), it might need a 'break in' period. Draw fast and decisively, in an upwards motion, in line with the holster direction. Do it many times, until you feel the draw is easy enough and not too much force needs to be applied. You may also apply some silicone (or similar) spray inside the holster, in the trigger guard area, to ease the draw. You may watch this YouTube video for further guidance:

If your holster is from our ND series (with retention adjustment screw), simply try to unscrew the retention adjustment screw up to the point where the draw is convenient and not too difficult when drawing in a fast and decisive upwards motion. In any case, do not completely unscrew the retention adjustment screw.

If, after doing all the above, you still find it difficult to draw from your holster, kindly contact our customer service at

Fobus holsters are designed to fit certain pistol or pistols (a holster is always designed to fit a specific pistol but may be, later on, found to fit additional pistols, so multiple fits are quite common). Fobus holsters sell in dozens of countries worldwide, through hundreds of sellers. Sometimes, a seller might suggest a fit that was not approved by us. If you feel the holster you purchased is not a fit for your gun, please check to verify that this fit was indeed approved by us. If further assistance is needed, kindly contact our customer service at
Fobus ND series of holsters are passive retention with a retention adjustment screw. The retention adjustment screw is not pre-set for any specific pistol, and when using such holster for the first time, most likely you will need to set the screw to your desired retention pressure. In any case, do not completely unscrew the retention adjustment screw.
All screws on Fobus holsters or mag pouches are replaceable. Kindly contact our customer service at
Fobus holsters are made of mold-injected Polymers, which are highly durable and not sensitive to environmental conditions like temperature, humidity etc. However, some metal parts are used on the holsters like rivets, nuts and screws. They are also treated for environmental conditions and are not sensitive to sweat, humidity etc., but from our experience these components are sensitive to long exposure to humidity and salty conditions, so if you plan to constantly use our holsters and pouches while at sea, your gear might be affected and in time, show signs of rust on the rivets and metal parts.
Do not test retention of our universal IWB holsters when holding the holster and pistol in your hands. Do it only when wearing the holster on you. Retention in our universal IWB holsters is achieved by pressure on the pistol from the holster's flexible rubber backing on the one hand, and the user's belt / holster shell on the other hand. When worn properly, the holster must be placed inside your pants all the way down to the end of its clips, and your belt must be tight. You may watch this YouTube video for further guidance:

If, when worn properly, you feel your gun is not held tightly by the holster, it might be that your gun is not a fit for the holster model you have. In this case kindly contact our customer service at

If any part of the holster's polymer body or polymer carry attachment is broken or torn, or, if any of the holster's rivets, nuts or screws is missing, the holster is defective. In such case please immediately discontinue using the holster and contact our customer service at
Fobus holster and pouches have been copied illegally many times over the past decade. Our holsters and pouches are made of highly durable mold-injected polymers. They usually carry a Fobus logo embedded on them or on a gel-tab firmly attached to them. Normally Fobus name would also be printed on the rivets and "made in Israel" will also be embedded on our equipment. Other signs for a Fobus original equipment maybe be identified by ourselves and are less obvious to the end user. If you feel your paddle is too flimsy, your holster body is too thin, our logo is missing, or you see any other sign which causes concerns whether you have a genuine Fobus product in your hands, kindly contact our customer service at
Fobus Universal IWB Holsters

Fobus takes inside the waistband holsters one step further!

Fobus IWBL, IWBM & IWBS are the next generation of inside the waistband holsters, featuring a polymer injected flexible holster backing and shell, that come in large, medium & small sizes, each able to accommodate multiple, similar-sized pistols, making them as economic as they are comfortable and concealable.