Fobus "CH" Trigger Retention Holsters

Check out our presenter, Lovie Malespin, former IDF Tavor and M16 SMGs shooting instructor, using our SGCH trigger retention holster for the Sig 226 & 227.


Similar 'CH' holsters are available for Glock, H&K, S&W, Berettra, Springfield, Taurus, and most 1911 style pistols.  


Like most Fobus Holsters, our 'CH' trigger retention holsters are available in numerous carry options: fixed/rotating paddle, fixed/rotating belt holder, duty belt holder and variable belt holder, ankle rig, shoulder rig, thigh rig for rotating holsters and thigh rig adaptor for paddle holsters, and MOLLE attachment. 


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The Fobus
Double-Component Paddles

Fobus double-component paddles, fixed and rotating, are unique in the holster industry.


Made by mold-injected nylon and rubber, they offer an extremely low profile; perfect ergonomics; high sturdiness to avoid undesired holster movement; a rubber back to prevent movement on the user's waist; and smooth contour for ultimate comfort - all features offered to provide you with the most comfortable and useful paddle on the market.