* Guns shown in the pictures may be different from the actual gun fits written under each Fobus model.

Sig Sauer P220, P226, P226 MK25, P227, P228, P245, P225, with rails
Remington 1911 R1, 9mm & .45cal, without rails
SCCY CPX-3 (.380cal)
Girsan MC28
Makarov 9x18, .380
Mauser HSc
Norinco NC226
Charter Arms 5 Shot .32 & .38 models
Rossi Model 88
STI 1911, not icluding 2011, high sights or railed models such as Tactical SS or Target Master
Grand Power K100, Q100, P11 MK12, P1 MK12, both 9mm & .40cal
Steyr S-A1, C-A1, M-A1, L-A1
Tanfoglio Force Police F & R 9mm, Force Pro 9mm, Force Plus 9mm, Force 22L, Force 22 Pocket, Force Compact F & R 9mm
Tisas Zigana PX9
Sig Sauer P220, P226, P226 MK25, P227, P228, P245, P225, with rails
IWI Jericho 941 Polymer Frames PL/RPL, PSL/RPSL, FBL/RBL, 941 Steel Frames FB/RB
Baikal MP-446
Tisas Zigana T, F, FC, K, KC, Zigana Sport
Tanfoglio Witness 1911 & 1911 Carry
Tanfoglio Compact F & Combat R
Sarsilmaz Sar9
Girsan MC28
Bersa Thunder 380
Feg P9R
Hi Point 45 Polymer, 9mm 2014 new model (Not the new JHP .45 model)
Remington RM380
Bersa Ultra Compact 9mm
Hi Point 9mm & .380cal (Not the 2014 model)
Tisas Zigana T, F, FC, K, KC
Kahr K40
Sarsilmaz ST9 / Zigana T, F, FC, K, KC
CZ P10 C
Kahr PM9
Canik55 TP9 SA, TP9 V2, TP9 SF, TP9 SFX
Kimber Micro 9mm & .380cal
CZ 75 P-07 Duty & P09
HS 2000
Canik55 TP9 / Tri-Star T-120 9mm
Springfield XDS, 3.3" & 4", 9mm, .40cal & .45cal
Browning Hi-power Mark III 4 & 5mm
CZ 75D, CZ 75B, CZ SP 01, 75D Compact with rails
Diamondback DB380
HS 2000
Browning Hi-Power
CZ 75, 75B (Old version only) 75BD, 85
Diamondback DB FS 9
HS 2000
Browning Hi-Power with Rails 5in.
Sarsilmaz Defense Full Size & Compact with rails
Canik55 TP9 SA, TP9 V2, TP9 SF, TP9 SFX
FNS9, Full Size Only
Sasilmaz Klinic 2000 light
CZ 75 P-07 DUTY & P09
Sasilmaz Klinic 2000 light
P-3AT Gen2 with Crimson Trace (LG431 only)
CZ P10
Kel-Tec P-3AT Gen2
Fobus Universal IWB Holsters

Fobus takes inside the waistband holsters one step further!

Fobus IWBL, IWBM & IWBS are the next generation of inside the waistband holsters, featuring a polymer injected flexible holster backing and shell, that come in large, medium & small sizes, each able to accommodate multiple, similar-sized pistols, making them as economic as they are comfortable and concealable.