* Guns shown in the pictures may be different from the actual gun fits written under each Fobus model.

  • RP1
  • RP1
  • RP1


QuickLock double mounting Rail Platform for all Fobus Holsters & Magazine Pouches



Reinforced Polymer 


Waist attachment options


Belt holder


MOLLE attachment option



How to use

Paddle attachment: Tighten your belt. Place the RP on your hip and make sure the paddle is pushed all the way down onto your belt. 

Belt holder attachment: Slide your belt through the belt loops and adjust your belt accordingly. 

Attach the holster or pouch onto the RP's Quick-Lock rails by applying pressure, sliding and clicking into place. To detach press down on the lever and slide out.



The Fobus MND (MOLLE) is designed to be mounted on all vests and backpacks with a standard pouch attachment ladder system (PALS).

Attach your Fobus holster or pouch with the RPM device (Rail Platform Molle) to the MND using the Allen screw provided.

Make sure to place the RPM device with the release button pointing to 11-10 o'clock (for right-hand users), while the cogwheel located at 6 o'clock.




RP1 - single rail platform

RP2 - double rail platform

RPS - single rail platform small size

RPM - MOLLE (MND) mounted rail platform



Fobus Universal IWB Holsters

Fobus takes inside the waistband holsters one step further!

Fobus IWBL, IWBM & IWBS are the next generation of inside the waistband holsters, featuring a polymer injected flexible holster backing and shell, that come in large, medium & small sizes, each able to accommodate multiple, similar-sized pistols, making them as economic as they are comfortable and concealable.